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Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.
Ka - Kin
Kinetic Energy
The energy derived from a body in motion, which is equal to half the product of its mass and the square of its velocity.
King Closer
  1. Half or three-quarter sized brick, which fills in the final opening in a brick structure, if it ends up less than the full length of one brick but more than half a brick in length.
  2. Diagonally cut brick with one cut and one full width end.
King Post
Vertical framing piece in the center of a roof, extending from the middle of a tie beam up to the apex of two joined rafters, creating a truss.
King Post Truss
Roof truss with a central vertical framing member linking the upper and lower horizontal truss members.
Metal rod that serves as the central vertical support in the roof truss used in framing.
An independent stand from which merchandise is sold, often placed in the common area of a shopping center.
Kit Home
Structure containing prefabricated parts, which is assembled by a contractor.
Kitchen Cabinet
Cabinets used to store dishes, utensils, food, etc. arranged around the wall area of a kitchen.
Kitchen Triangle
Imaginary triangle extending from the sink to the stove to the refrigerator, to maximize the efficiency of a kitchen by reducing the traveling distance between these appliances.
Tiny kitchen area that is often built into the end of another room such as a room in an efficiency apartment.
Knee and Column Milling Machine
Named after the shape of the casting, which supports the table, this milling machine for tool and die making produces reamers, ratchet teeth, fluted cutters, etc.
Knee Brace
  1. Increase of the load bearing capacity of a member by having diagonal bracing reach from one structural member to another as with a cantilevered member and the main structure.
  2. Diagonal bracing which reaches from the middle of the wall to the top or from the middle of the wall to the base to reinforce framework which has an opening near the corner of the structure that will not allow the use of full diagonal bracing.
Knee Pads
Padded protection used by bricklayers, carpet and tile installers, etc. to cover their knees when kneeling.
Knee Wall
Wall-like structure, approximate knee height, extending from the floor to the roof in the second story of a 1 ½ story house.
  1. Cutting or stabbing instrument with a sharp single or double edged blade set in a handle.
  2. To pass into or through something quickly.
  3. Tool that uses a flat blade to spread soft materials.
Knife Switch
Knife switches were more commonly used in electrical panels in prior years and are electrical switches that open or close a circuit when one or more of the blades come into contact with one or more clips as the switch is manually raised or lowered to activate contact.
Knob and Tube Wiring
Formerly used type of house wiring where conductors are strung between porcelain knobs and porcelain tube are used to line the holes in the structural pieces where the wires pass.
Knock-down Texture
Texture used on drywall, which is created by spraying coarse, randomly placed drops of texturing compound then using a trowel to flatten them.
Removable metal discs in the sides of an electrical box which can be "knocked out" so that wiring can be run through them.
Knockout Plug
Plug used to close the knockout holes that are no longer need in an electrical box.
Hard section of a tree where a branch would grow out, which runs through a piece of wood, often loosening and coming out of the board, leaving a hole.
Knot Hole
Dent or hole in a piece of wood where a knot comes out.
Done to roughen a surface or to increase a diameter, straight lines or diagonal cross-hatch indentations are made in a metal surface, which forces the areas between the indentations outward in a radial manner from the axis of the knurled part, which enlarges the surface area.
Knurling Tool
Apparatus made of two hardened steel wheels, each with an opposite direction diagonally-embossed surface, held together in a fixture. Used for the creation of a rough finish on he surface of tools handles, which creates a better grip or to creates depressions in pistons, increasing the diameter of the piston.
Kraft Paper
Heavy, moisture resistant, brownish building paper, reinforced with bonded fibers for structural strength, which has a variety of uses. Wider paper is used under the finish exterior siding, either stucco or framing. The narrower rolls are often called paper flashing and used around the rough openings of doors and windows, overlapped from the top on down to shed moisture. Alternate use is in the installation of plastic laminate. For this use, contact cement is used to coat the base with the kraft paper laid on top of it. The kraft paper is slipped out once the contact cement is dry, leaving the base and the laminate to make contact and bond together.

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