Real Estate Glossary

Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.
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  1. Thick.
  2. Packed tightly together; compacted.
  3. Slow to understand.
  1. Distribution of population over a given area of land.
  2. Large mass in a given area.
Density Test
Analysis of soil, which determines if the surface can support the foundation of a house.
Density Zoning
Limiting property development by controlling the number of structures in a given area in order to control population density.
  1. A slight hollow made in a surface.
  2. An appreciable effect or impression.
  3. A tooth-like projection as in a gearwheel.
Small rectangular blocks projecting from a building, usually under rooflines or cornices.
To remove oxygen, especially chemically combine oxygen, from a substance.
  1. A departure or going away.
  2. A deviation or turning aside.
  3. East or west of a survey point.
  1. To rely on for support or aid.
  2. To be influenced or determined by something else.
  3. To hang from.
Physical exhaustion of a natural resource, which is a tax-deductible expense.
One who acts as a witness and gives written testimony under oath.
Money given, along with an offer to purchase property or as security for the performance of some contract. Also called earnest money it is intended to show willingness to follow through with the purchase agreement
Discovery, before trial, of information in which a stenographer records the statements made, under oath, by a witness. These statements are made to answer questions posed by the attorneys to both parties.
Deposit Receipt
Written acknowledgment that money has been paid as a deposit into an account or for the purchase of property or services.
Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act
Federal law that represents significant decontrol of federally regulated banks and savings institutions, including gradual phase out of limits on interest rates paid on passbook accounts.
Depreciable Life
Economic or physical life of a fixed asset.
Depreciable Real Estate (tax)
Real estate, under current tax law, is depreciated under either the straight-line method or modified accelerated cost recovery system (MACRS) method. Depreciated Cost (taxation) New cost less accumulated depreciation to date
Decline in value of a property due to use, wear and tear, obsolescence or deterioration. Alternately, spreading out of the original cost over the estimated life of the fixed assets such as plant and equipment to reduce taxable income.
Depreciation Basis
Amount subject to depreciation, which equals the initial cost less the estimated salvage repair.
Depreciation Recapture
Part of a capital gain (the amount of a gain on depreciable assets) constituting tax benefits previously taken and taxed as ordinary income.
Depressed Market
Market condition in which the prices of real estate are declining because of a lack of demand.
  1. A decrease in force, amount or activity; a decrease in functional activity.
  2. A hollow or low place on a surface.
  3. A lowering of the atmospheric pressure indicated by the fall of mercury in a barometer.
  4. A downward angle from the horizontal, used in surveying.
  5. A period of slackened business activity with unemployment and falling wages.
The release of pressure in a container.
  1. The distance from the top downward, from the surface inward or from front to back.
  2. Intensity.
  3. In a thorough and comprehensive way.
Depth Gauge
Graduated ruler, which passes through a crosspiece and is used to measure grooves and holes. The ruler is put into the hole in the object of to measure and the crosspiece rests on the surface.
Depth Micrometer
Used for measuring the depth of a hole, this instrument consists of a precision-threaded spindle that has marked graduations and is held in a flat frame that spans the hole that is to be measured. Once the frame is settled on the area around the hole, the spindle, which is set at zero, is lowered into the hole until the bottom is reached. The number showing on the spindle will indicate the depth of the hole.
Depth of Cut
The depth of the setting of a saw blade or drill, etc.
Depth of Fusion
Depth of penetration of a weld.
Depth Tables
Table demonstrating the relationship between the depth of a building lot from the street frontage and its market value. The property value decreases as the distance from the street increases since street frontage is the greatest asset of a business property.
To acquit, absolve or discredit allegations.
Intentional property abandonment or desertion. Alternately, the recovering of land from the water as the sea withdraws below the usual water line.
Derivative Title
Transfer of title based on a preceding title transfer. A derivative conveyance increases, moderates, renews, or transfers the stake created by the original conveyance.
Derived Demand
Secondary demand that is created because of a primary agent or facility, such as an office building creating a need for a coffee shop.
  1. Large apparatus used for lifting and moving heavy objects.
  2. A tall, A-framed structure used for supporting drilling machinery.
  3. Crane with a boom or jib.

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