Real Estate Glossary

Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.
Ha - Har - He - Hed - Hi - Ho - Hoo - Hu
A row of closely planted shrubs, bushes, etc. which forms a boundary or border.
A row of closely planted shrubs, bushes, etc. forming a hedge, which can be used as a fence or barrier.
  1. The outer side of a pipe or conduit bend.
  2. The bottom of a metal lathe-cutting tool.
  3. Bearing point on a rather or joist, etc.
  4. Corner on the outside of a framing square.
  5. Where the bristles on a paintbrush meet the handle.
Heel Hardened
Buildup of paint at the base of the paintbrush bristles where the handle joins.
Heel Post
The gatepost that contains the gate hinges.
Triangular pieces of wood used to provide a solid backing, when driven into gaps between rough framing and finished items, such as windows frames, etc.
Height Above Plate (HAP)
The distance from the outer corner of the rafter plate to the top surface of the rafter, as measured vertically.
Individual legally entitled to inherit money and property on the death of a another person.
Heirs and Assigns
Language commonly used in a fee simple title conveyance. The significance is whether the title is clear and can be passed on to the purchaser's estate including all heirs and those who may have any interest in the estate, the assigns.
Having the form of a spiral.
Helical Gears
Teeth on this gear are cut in a spiral around the axes.
Shaped like or coiled in the shape of a spiral.
A protective covering for the head or for both the face and neck during certain procedures.
Hemlock, West Coast
A softwood which most resembles the hardwoods and is good for construction, since it gets harder with age without darkening. This straight grain, long fiber wood is lightweight, free of gum and pitch and holds nails well.
A unit of electrical inductance, equal to the inductance of a circuit in which the variation of current at the rate of one ampere per second induces an electromotive force of one volt.
A plane figure with seven angles and seven sides.
A solid figure with seven plane surfaces.
Hermaphrodite Caliper
Caliper, with one straight leg and one leg bent inward on the end, which is used to mark lines which are parallel to the surface and also for finding the center of a circle.
Completely sealed. Airtight.
Pattern where rectangular shaped pieces are laid at alternating right angles to each other, forming a series of V-shapes, referred to as chevrons.
Herringbone Gears
Cylinder shaped gears with teeth laid out in a herringbone pattern.
Property, real estate or personal, tangible or intangible, which may be inherited.
Hertz (Hz)
The international unit of frequency equal to one cycle per second.
Mixed assortment of housing styles in a residential development. Alternately, mixed zoning uses in an urban development plan.
Wood that has been chopped, shaped, or cut with an ax or knife.
A plane figure with six angles and six sides.
Hexagonal Shingle
A 36-inch long by 11-½ inch wide, interlocking, strip asphalt shingle with two half-hexagonal tabs.
A solid figure with six plane surfaces.

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